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welcome to Easimfe!

Easimfe is professional manufacturer of Paints.All of our paint are exported to Europe and Northern America. Only the finest materials which are not harmful and registered under REACH are used to manufacture Easimfe's products.
Our paint includes Acrylic Paint, Gouache Paint, Soft Pastel,Tempera Paint, Readymix Paint,Finger Paint, Blackboard/Chalk Paint, Magnetic Paint, Fabric/Textile Paint, 3-D Paint, Glitter Glue, Window Paint, Water Colors, Foam Paint, Candle Paint, Glass/Ceramic Paint, Suncatcher Paint, Sidewalk Paint, Color Dough
All of our paints get approved under ASTM D-4236, EN71 1/2/3 ,Part 7 or Part 9, TRA, LHAMA, HASBRO SRS-012, SRS-044, SRS-047, SRS-021, SRS-054, PAHs, PHATHATES, ORGANOTIN, SHVC, PCP, PCB, PCTS, FORMALDEHYDE, ALKYLPHENOL, VOC.
Our factory is member of BSCI.